Your paper’s life cycle begins with Discovery

Our paper has a life beyond the office

Discovery’s fibres improve paper recyclability by 60% and up to 150% vs other representative paper fibres (birch and acacia).
Source: RAIZ

Virgin fibre is removed from the forest while reforestation guarantees that the net amount of wood remains the same or increases.

These fibres are used to produce wood or paper products.

After use, products are recovered and recycled fibres are reintroduced into the paper and paperboard production cycle.

Fibres are transformed into increasingly lower grade products until they reach the end of their life cycle – in Europe, fibres are reused an average of 3.5 times, with fibres from Discovery papers being able to be recycled three to four times more.

At this point, they are incinerated to produce energy, replacing fossil fuels. This is the most eco-efficient way of regenerating value from fibres which can no longer be reused.