The Ground: everything
starts with the forest.


Discovery manages its forests lovingly and responsibly

  • 107,310 ha of certified forests or forest area.
  • 4,100 ha classified by Rede Natura 2000 as protected habitats.
  • 800 plant and 241 animal species inhabit our forests.
  • 24 million saplings a year are planted in our forestry nurseries, to renew forests.
  • 4.1 M€ invested in forest fire prevention and firefighting (+25% from 2018 to 2019).

Up: leading the fight against Climate Change.

Together, we’re mitigating the greenhouse effect.

  • Our forests stock carbon while they grow.
  • They stock 5,9M tonnes of CO2. <=> emissions of 1,7M car trips around the world.
  • The Eucalyptus globulus tree is one of the most efficient in capturing CO2
  • 1 ream of Discovery is equivalent to the emissions of a car travelling for 35 km.