How to print wirelessly from devices

Printing from a smartphone is easy – no cables required! Most new printers are enabled with Wi-Fi and the latest phones are designed to communicate with them. Here’s how.

1 Set up your phone

Make sure that your device is enabled to print. Android models come preloaded with Google Cloud Print, a feature which syncs the device with a wide range of compatible printers with just a few taps. For iOS phone users, Apple’s built-in AirPrint service involves a similar intuitive process. Users of other phones can search their device for applications containing the word “print.”

2 Connect your phone

Check that your smartphone and printer are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

3 Get printing!

Follow the steps for your mobile operating system below.


Open the file or app from which you want to print

Tap the menu button, represented by three vertical dots, in the upper corner

Select “Print”

Tap the drop-down arrow, represented by a small triangle, at the top of screen

Select your desired printer and then tap the printer icon


Open the file or app from which you want to print

Depending on the app, you’ll see either a left-pointing arrow, a square box with an upward arrow, or three dots; tap this icon to find the print option

Tap the printer icon or “Print”

Choose “Select Printer”

Select the number of copies and the pages to print

Tap “Print” in upper right corner